Arbejd sammen med din menstruationscyklus

Work with your menstrual cycle

For many, working life is organized in relation to a very masculine energy – five days of work and two days off. It is very unfortunate because it does not take into account the woman's cycle, which is why we see a lot of stress and burnout among women today.
However, there is a great deal of potential to be gained when a woman follows and honors her menstrual cycle.
In this blog post I will tell you why and how you as a woman can work with your menstrual cycle – for more energy, creative flow and wealth.

The menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle

The menstrual cycle is 28 days and therefore close to the same length as the lunar cycle. The woman's life is therefore closely linked to the lunar cycle.
Just as the moon pulls on the earth and the seas, it also pulls on the woman's fluids.
It creates an extra dimension to how we as women can relate to our body, emotions and menstrual cycle.

In ancient times, women bled at the same time…

The most normal menstrual pattern is to bleed at the new moon and ovulate at the full moon.
In ancient times, women's ovulation was activated by the light of the full moon, and therefore women's cycles were deeply connected to each other and to nature.
Women also bled at the same time because they lived so close to each other.

Our modern life has destroyed the woman's balance

But in our modern society it is no longer like that because we live with artificial light from street lamps and computer or phone screens 24 hours a day, and we also don't live so close together anymore.
Many women also consume artificial hormones (birth control pills) on a daily basis and are exposed to pollution and the stress and hustle and bustle of life. This has meant that many women have an imbalance in their menstrual cycle and experience PMS symptoms, e.g. menstrual pain and severe mood swings.
Our modern life has meant that some women instead bleed at full moon and ovulate at new moon.

The Red Moon Cycle

I am one of these women. I have what is called a Red Moon cycle…
I have been following my cycle for several years using the Daysy cycle computer , and in the last several months I have noticed a pattern: I bleed at full moon and ovulate at new moon (dark moon).

But it has not always been this pattern.

Because I've noticed over the past few years that my cycle can slowly move closer and closer to bleeding at new moon and ovulating under full moon and then cycle by cycle move closer to the opposite. So my cycle has been very fluctuating. This is said to be a sign that one is constantly on the move and must adapt to different surroundings. Which actually fits very well with what I have done for many years, namely being very rootless, traveling a lot and moving house often.

The White Moon Cycle

It is said that you are most in flow and in touch with yourself when you bleed during the new moon and ovulate during the full moon - have what is called a White Moon cycle.

But I don't know if I want to cut the various moon cycles out like that.

Which lunar cycle is best?

Having a White Moon cycle where you bleed on a Dark Moon is arguably most in line with our natural feminine fertile rhythms. But you can also understand it as a signal that you are in a period of many new beginnings, and that you are therefore in the infancy right before something new. The dark moon is where you completely let go of the old, relax before something new starts, just as menstruation automatically helps a woman to go inward, regenerate, cleanse and get peace and rest before the next cycle.

Red moon cycle, i.e. bleeding at full moon, can, on the other hand, reflect a woman who has materialized many of her wishes and dreams, and who shares all her gifts and thoughts with the world and may be in the process of a rebirth of herself. Menstruation at a full moon is very different because the full moon energy makes it harder to relax and sleep. But the full moon also strengthens a woman's spiritual, intuitive and creative abilities, which come to the fore at this time.

Create balance in your menstrual cycle...

It is really worth reflecting on how your menstrual cycle is affected by the life you live. It is worth rethinking the use of birth control pills and even how electric light disrupts and destroys our connection to our cycle, menstruation and our connection to the moon.

By living naturally and sleeping after dark, the woman's cycle will magically follow the cycle of the moon.

It is worth knowing that you can actually get more balance in your life simply by getting the rhythm back in your body and cycle. And it's also really fun to work and plan with your menstrual cycle.

Work with your menstrual cycle and live out your full potential as a woman

We women have such great untapped potential that we can tap into by working with our cycle. We have so much powerful energy in our cycle that for most of us is just dormant or completely hidden from us because we don't know about it.

By working with her cycle, a woman can achieve much more profit, creative flow, abundance, more money and more wealth in life, in her relationships, energy levels, projects and in her career.

In this video I will tell you how to get better balance in your cycle and how you can organize your work and life in relation to your cycle and thereby achieve more flow in all aspects of your life.


  1. Find out when you have your exact ovulation. Possibly. use a fertility computer.
  2. Learn about the four seasons of your cycle: menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.
  3. Write down all the year's full moons and new moons in your calendar so you can keep an eye on whether you have a White or Red moon cycle.
  4. Write down in the back of your calendar what the different phases mean, so that you always have it at hand in case you forget this important information to observe and get the most out of your cycle's energy (see below).
  5. Make colored dots for each phase of your cycle in your calendar. You can do this continuously, as your cycle can fluctuate, but remember to keep track of it so that you remind yourself of the different phases. Use the colors that you associate with the different phases. Here's a suggestion: Red for menstruation, orange for the follicular phase, green for ovulation and purple for the luteal phase.
  6. Write down your ovulation and period in your calendar. Remember to also use colored dots.
  7. Follow your cycle and observances and work with the four seasons of your menstrual cycle.
  8. Watch the magic happen…



Day 1-7
Inner winter
Rest! Let it go! Listen to your intuition and sow the seeds you want to blossom in the next cycle.

See ritual with menstrual blood here.

The follicular phase (before ovulation)

Day 8-11
Inner spring
Act on the inspiration you got during your period.


Day 12-16
Inner summer
Express yourself creatively and sexually. Be around people. Get more things done.

The luteal phase (before menstruation)

Day 17-28
Inner autumn

Finish projects. Patch loose ends. Plan to relax during your period. It is important to listen to your intuition and nourish yourself sensually.

I am sending so much feminine lunar energy your way, beautiful goddess!


Helen L.

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