Fissen er portalen til det guddommelige

The pussy is the portal to the divine

When you start immersing yourself in your jade egg practice, you will start to have a stronger bond with your body and with your pussy. You will learn how to listen to your pussy's signals and in return she will offer to communicate more clearly with you.

The jade egg gives you, as written before in previous blog posts, the opportunity to feel many of the feelings within you that you probably didn't know you were carrying around, but which have been accumulated and suppressed within you for a long time. Eg. sadness, anger, failure, shame and guilt. You may find that some emotions may be tied to a story that your subconscious communicates to you for your inner gaze through images, symbols, archetypes, etc. Some of these images and stories may not make sense to you now or may never , but that's okay too.

What is absolutely amazing is that when you use your jade egg, you activate very powerful energy within you – namely your sexual energy. When we put the egg into our vagina, we are actually communicating directly with our inner primal woman and creative forces. The further into your vagina you bring the egg, the more in contact with this primal force you will get.

I have written before about my conversation with my womb, which led to a beautiful encounter with my inner primal power and my three feminine aspects: me as a child, young maiden and sorceress. I have also written before about how I experienced getting messages from my pussy about forgotten experiences from my childhood.

The vagina stores many deep feelings, experiences and energies from your life, childhood, from your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother - yes, from generations of women back and even from previous lives. So it is clear that as you begin to work with your sexual healing and energy, you will experience coming into contact with ancient energies and perhaps with ancient shame or guilt or wild sexuality and liberation.

Sexual energy is actually something that is in all of us and in nature - everything is created from sexual energy. So it makes sense to say that sexual energy is our life energy and is cosmic energy. It might seem a little overwhelming. But your pussy is actually the direct portal to the divine, to the cosmos, to the Universe.

The pussy = the portal to the divine.

When you start listening to your pussy and getting more sexual energy, you will get more in touch with your intuition, your sexual energy, your womb energy, your creative primordial force and therefore also with the cosmos, the universe, or should I say, the divine. Listening to your pussy will open up messages from the Feminine. From the Goddess. From the Universe and Cosmos.

We are really all deeply connected. We are all one. When I write "we", I mean nature, the cosmos, the divine and all living beings. We are all one right now and here. There is no past or future. There is right now and here. I have slowly started to find that out, just by listening to my pussy and creating and cherishing my sexuality and sensuality.

The pussy knows no time and therefore does not forget. She can hold on to experiences that you may barely even remember with your rational brain. That's why it's so important to keep communicating with your pussy and create a safe and loving bond with her so she can be allowed to release blocked energy. You can do this by lying down completely relaxed, placing your hands over your pelvis and then start having a conversation with her. Pay attention to what is happening inside your vagina and also intuitively feel what comes up from feelings and thoughts and perhaps images for your inner gaze. Everything matters. Just relax and don't judge yourself (or your pussy).

It may be that you have NEVER done it before - that is, talking to your pussy! You might feel a little silly, but hooray for that, because pussy loves play and fun and trouble. Too bad she's not boring and serious. But it may take some time for her to open up to you. There may be a period when you need to rebuild trust and learn to become familiar with her signals and way of communicating. But as you immerse yourself in your jade egg practice and begin to listen more and more to your pussy, you will have a stronger bond with her. You may find – like myself – that she is an oracle and a direct channel to the divine.

Thanks for reading, beautiful goddess <3

I send you so much erotic love!
/ Helle

PS. Do you want to learn the jade egg practice so you know how to listen to your pussy's signals as your sacred portal to the divine? Sign up for my 7 week online course, The Magical Jade Egg.

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