Hvad er en krystaldildo – og hvorfor bruge en?

What is a crystal dildo - and why use one?

A crystal dildo is a crystal that is shaped like a dildo and is intended, like all other dildos, to be used inside the vagina - but there is something very special about crystal dildos that a normal dildo cannot.

What is a crystal dildo?

A crystal dildo is also called a pleasure wand or yoni wand or (in Danish) a yoni stick . The word yoni is Sanskrit for the female genital organ, and when the crystal wand is used inside the vagina, you can create a kind of alchemical pleasure that is deeper and more intense than what normal vibrators can provide.

A crystal dildo is made from pure, raw crystal or other gemstones from Mother Earth and is therefore completely free of toxic BPAs, phthalates and dyes (unlike some plastic toys), which are said to disrupt hormones and may play a role in the development of cancer and infertility.

Crystal dildos are therefore a fantastic alternative to dildos made of plastic, rubber, silicone or latex.

How to use a crystal dildo?

The crystal yoni wand is used in a physical, emotional and spiritual practice to increase your pleasure, intimacy and love for yourself and your pussy.

Each crystal has its very own special energy that you can use for healing and developing your sexuality.

When you use the crystal dildo in the vagina, you mix your pussy energy and womb energy with the energy of the crystal. It creates a pleasurable alchemical connection to your primal sexual power in your sacred gender and a greater connection to nature and Mother Earth, where the crystal comes from.

How are crystal dildos different from normal dildos?

The women who choose to use a crystal dildo are often interested in spirituality and healing and embracing their sexuality in a more feminine and gentle way. They are often interested in getting to know their pussy's landscape in a deeper way than usual, where sexuality and pleasure and spirituality, healing and self-love go hand in hand.

Unlike traditional dildos, a crystal dildo has a very special vibration that you will receive when you use the crystal, and this makes self-pleasure (masturbation) very special and like a sacred practice.

Crystal dildos are also aesthetically beautiful and can easily be used to decorate your home or altar. Traditional dildos may give associations to something sultry and porn-like. Crystal dildos, on the other hand, embrace the whole woman as something sacred and unite the woman's sex, sexuality, body and spirit as one. Vibrators, overstimulation, hardness - numbness

Many traditional dildos with their vibrations can tend to overstimulate the clitoris and vaginal tissue, which can have the effect of reducing vaginal sensitivity and teaching the clitoris or vagina to need very hard and fast stimulation to achieve pleasure and orgasms .

Over time, this can block a woman from feeling the slower, softer and more subtle sensations – which can potentially cause tension in the pelvis and block a woman from being able to surrender to the deeper pleasure and connection with herself and her pussy.

If you are used to using vibrators and almost depend on your vibrator to have an orgasm, then a crystal dildo might seem boring to you. But remember that it can take some time to teach your body and nervous system to feel pleasure in a different way than you are used to.

Sensitivity, softness, feminine energy and vaginal arousal

Regular use of a crystal dildo will increase sensitivity and regenerate the entire pelvic area. Contrary to vibrating sex toys, which tend to overstimulate and reduce the sensitivity of the vagina, the crystal dildo provides a sensual internal massage where you have control over speed and rhythm.

When we move away from the traditional vibrators and the powerful directly focused stimulation to reach orgasm and climax, we create a deeper sense of intimacy and eroticism with ourselves and open the possibility to feel ourselves much better.

With the crystal dildo, you will experience a gradual arousal, a steady increase of sexual energy that is not only reserved for the clitoris or vagina, but that spreads throughout your body, and perhaps to an expansive life-cervical or full-body orgasm.

A sexual healing tool that frees the woman from shame and trauma

The crystal dildo helps you connect to your body on a much deeper level and it helps you become aware of the subtle sensations within the vagina and the energy from the crystal.

This is also why the crystal dildo is a healing tool for many women, and especially for those women who have been subjected to abuse, rape or carry sexual shame and guilt.

Contrary to ordinary dildos and vibrators, which can be very pornographic, the crystal heals the woman's sexual center and strengthens the woman's individual feminine power. The crystal dildo helps in a gentle and loving way to release sexual tension and trauma from the pelvis and replace it with love, strength, pleasure and security.

A crystal dildo, especially black obsidian, can be perfect to use for vagina massage & de-armouring, where you use it to release tension, pain and/or numbness stored in the vagina.

"Which crystal dildo is good for me?"

The goddess temple sells, among other things these three different crystal dildos that can be used for both pleasure and sexual healing.

The Lilith G-Spot Crystal Dildo is designed to awaken the G-Spot and open up G-Spot and squirt orgasms.

Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo is perfect for vagina massage and de-armouring.

Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand is good for self-pleasure and increasing sensitivity and pleasure in the vagina.

They are all so aesthetically beautiful and you can't help but feel like a goddess when using a crystal dildo.

Buy your very own crystal dildo here.

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!

/ Helle L.

PS You can learn a lot more about crystal dildos in my crystal dildo e-book: “A guide to crystal dildos – sexual healing and pleasure for the sensual woman”. You can buy it here .

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