Hvorfor navnet "fisse"?

Why the name "pussy"?

You might be a little surprised that I keep using the word "pussy". But I actually use it quite deliberately because I feel that there is so much power and juice in that word.

The pussy has long been associated with something lewd and porn-like – not because there is automatically anything wrong with it. But we must realize that the word pussy has been used by a patriarchal system to dictate how we as women should use our sexuality to please the man.

But now I think we as women need to reclaim the magic of our pussies by reclaiming the word as well. There are probably many of us who still don't quite know what to call her. Some reading along here might even say "peeing wife"? Or what? Piss wife is also a sweet, childish and fun word, but not exactly orgasmic.

Vulva and vagina – more sterile and doctor-like
You could call her "vulva", but that's also pretty sterile and doctor-like, isn't it?

Often we also say "vagina", but actually vagina is completely anatomically incorrect, because vagina only refers to the vagina itself. So calling our pussy a vagina only refers to the inner part, and the pussy is much more. Vagina or rather vagina also refers to something to be penetrated – with a sword mind you, which is very phallic. So the word vagina is again referred to as something that just has the function of having to be penetrated or filled out by a penis and therefore used by a man for a man's pleasure.

But our vagina, our vulva, our pussy, or whatever you want to call her, can do so much more and is there for our own pleasure. She can release during menstruation and push out a baby during labor. And she can open up to other dimensions in an orgasm. In that way, she is incredibly magical.

Yoni – the sacred temple
It has also become very popular to use the Tantric Hindu word "yoni".

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for the woman's vulva and vagina and can also be translated as "the holy temple", which in itself is very beautiful. Right when I started learning about sexual healing myself, I always used the word "yoni". And I think it's a really nice and sweet name for my sanctuary. Sometimes I also use it myself.

It's just not a word I really find sexually arousing!

To truly denote the sacred and sensual part of myself, I feel I should use a name that both makes me laugh, blush and actually TURNS me on. This is exactly why I use the word pussy.

Cuss – the word of the red stockings
There is also the word "cunt", but it is almost too hard and too red-stocking-like. Of course, the cunt has a really wild primal woman energy about it, but I almost think the word cunt is too harsh in many other contexts.

However, it is not the case that I only see "pussy" as referring to something that is just soft and playful and always horny and ready - just like you see in porn movies. But I see that the word pussy can refer to all parts of having a feminine sexuality.

The pussy – a badass queen
I see the pussy as being a badass queen !

She is both the innocent playfulness, flirting, wetness, lasciviousness, eroticism and pleasure, but she is also the all-consuming, hairy, bombastic, wild and bleeding. Fissen as a word therefore has enough power and juice in it to denote the very source and primal force in the entire pelvis. And the pussy can also be shy, scared, reticent, hard, nervous, cramped or happy, curious, open, agile, innocent, ready and alluring. The pussy can be both young and old, hairy and trimmed or completely naked.

I think what I'm saying with this is that it's important to get the word out so that we can reclaim that part of ourselves as women. But of course there is also something mysterious and exciting about not giving away all the pussy's secrets and having a curious and innocent approach to her. Everything doesn't have to be cut out of cardboard and be so rational. So, of course you have to figure out what you want to call her, or whether you want to call her anything at all.

Which word do you use yourself? And let me be so cheeky as to ask: Which word turns you on the most to use?

If you also want to reclaim the F-word and have a better relationship with your sexuality and your body, invest in a yoni egg or book a 1:1 session by contacting me .

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!

/ Helle L.

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