Collection: Glass dildo

Seduce yourself with our elegant glass dildos that awaken the senses and explore your inner sensuality. With unique shapes and safe materials, our glass dildos invite you on a journey of discovery that stimulates the g-spot, the a-spot, the p-spot and the cervix. Choose from bespoke designs – from slim curves to extra stimulation. Our glass dildos are created for intimacy, healing and pleasure with 100% body safe, hypoallergenic materials. Experience a slow and intense experience that is a worthy substitute for regular vibrators.

Glass dildo

A glass dildo is perfect for those women and girls who want to explore their vagina in a new way – e.g. for yoni mapping, intimate massage, to heal vaginal pain or numbness & awaken more sensitivity and pleasure. You can get glass dildos in different shapes and sizes and therefore for different purposes. Our Calypso Cervix rod is especially good for the deeper yoni journeys, vagina de-armouring and all around pleasure, while the Magic Syringe is designed primarily for stimulation of the g-spot aka goddess spot.

The benefits of a glass dildo

Unlike rubber and silicone dildos, glass dildos cannot be bent, but they have the advantage of being extremely sturdy and durable. It has a completely smooth surface, without cracks and can be cleaned easily after use.

It is made from 100% natural material without phthalates and chemical substances, making it an eco-friendly alternative as well as good for your inner goddess temple, which only needs the very best.

The glass can last for many years and can withstand almost anything, from being washed into the sea, buried in the ground, boiled and frozen.

In addition, they are really aesthetically beautiful, and if you want, you can place it forward on, e.g. a goddess altar, to bless, cleanse and charge it with one's intentions before it is used for masturbation, pelvic care and/or vaginal massage.

Glass dildo for slow pleasure

Like the crystal dildo , a glass dildo is used for slow pleasure to become aware of the gentle, subtle sensations within. The slower you go, the more intense your pussy magic will be!

The glass dildos on this page are called Cervix wands because they will take you on a deep meditative journey to your cervix and womb energy. Its curved design is optimal for the curve of the vagina.

Glass dildo for temperature play

For more fun, you can play with temperature by heating or freezing it. It can withstand both boiling water and freezing. So you can play erotic temperature play to increase sensitivity. However, be careful to test the temperature on the arm first, because your dear pussy cannot stand being burned or frozen.

Steps to your yoni journey with the glass dildo

Warm up your body by dancing, massaging yourself and giving yourself some pleasure.

When you feel ready and turned on in your body, place the glass rod at the vaginal opening and breathe. You choose which end you want to use, depending on whether it is vagina massage or goddess point stimulation. Only let it in when your pussy has given you a 100% "yes" to insertion.

Then you will slowly invite your glass dildo inside to release tension within the vagina, increase sensitivity, release trauma, increase libido and build greater orgasmic potential. You can go clockwise and massage out to the sides, up and down and get deeper and deeper as your yoni invites the rod further in.

Close your eyes and become really aware of the areas the glass dildo touches, massages and gently holds. Go quietly and continue to meet, accept and love whatever comes to the surface of sensations, feelings and images. Breathe and relax completely into the experience.

The more you allow yourself to meet your entire inner yoniverse in a slow, curious and loving way, your pussy will feel safe to release old memories, energies and emotions that have blocked the ultimate pleasure, orgasm and love. The more awareness, the more sensitivity and enjoyment. Maybe your body wants to move, rock your hips up and down, breathe more heavily and make a sound with each exhalation. Follow your body's impulses and play and be curious on your journey around your goddess temple.

When you're done, push out with your pelvic floor muscles until the rod is out of you. Place a hand over your yoni and thank her for all the wisdom and pleasure she has provided.