Collection: Crystal dildo

Step into a world of deep luxury with our selection of crystal dildos. These intimate tools go beyond the ordinary – they are portals to a unique energy that opens the door to deeper self-exploration and connection between your sensual and spiritual page. Each use of a crystal dildo becomes a journey that releases tension, induces inner balance and lets your inner goddess shine. See our selection of crystal dildos here.

Crystal dildo: A guide to a beautiful and natural alternative to plastic toys

Crystal dildos are a beautiful and unique form of sex toys that offer slow and intense pleasure and help achieve more self-love, sexual empowerment and healing. In this guide, we'll explore the properties of crystal dildos and how they can be a great addition to your sex toy collection.

The crystal dildo is a beautiful tool to slow down, feel deeply and experience masturbation in a completely new way - as something that can be healing, transformative, meditative & a complete love affair with oneself.

Crystal dildo – a beautiful and natural alternative to plastic toys

Our crystal dildos are handmade and made from pure, raw crystal or other gemstones from Mother Earth and are therefore completely free of toxic BPAs, phthalates and dyes (unlike some plastic toys). It is a great alternative or supplement to plastic, rubber, silicone and latex dildos.

Crystal dildo – much more than a sex toy

Crystal dildos are specially designed for women and girls who are on a journey towards more self-love, sexual empowerment and healing. They can help release blockages and trauma in the body, leading to more confidence and openness in one's sexual experiences. Crystal dildos can also help rebalance the sexual energy and provide a sense of deep connection with one's femininity.

Experience slow pleasure with a crystal dildo - become your own lover and open up to intense pleasure

Crystal dildos have become a popular addition to many women's sex toy collections, and it's not hard to see why. These elegant and beautiful crystal pleasure wands are both visually appealing and can provide a completely unique sexual experience.

When you use a crystal dildo, you are invited into a world of slow and intense pleasure. You can caress yourself the way you wish a lover would, and learn to become your own lover. This can lead to deeper and more intense orgasms and open up a whole new world of sexual exploration.

A crystal dildo can also help you listen to your body and its desires. As you transition away from vibrators and high stimulation, you can begin to feel your body's needs and be guided by its wisdom. This allows you to explore new ways of feeling your sexuality and opens up new avenues of pleasure and orgasm.

So if you want to experience slow and intense pleasure and explore the wisdom of your body, a crystal dildo is a great choice. Become your own lover and open up to a whole new world of sexual exploration and satisfaction.

A powerful blend of sexual energy and crystal vibrations

Each crystal has its very own special energy and vibrations that you can use in a physical, emotional and spiritual practice to increase your pleasure, intimacy and love for yourself and your pussy. We also take great care to charge each crystal with lots of love, care and Goddess energy before it is sent to you so you will feel its powerful vibrations in your hands.

Use it to make love with yourself. Warm it up between your hands by sliding it over your body, around your breasts and stomach or put it in hot water (not boiling!) before use. When you have warmed up your body and got to know the wand so that it exudes good energy, you can use it for self-pleasure, vagina massage or meditative yoni journeys.

A tool to release tension and increase sensitivity

Using the crystal dildo for these massages inspires to explore inner stimulation in a curious way that is not about any goal. It helps to release tension, increase sensitivity in the vagina and increase blood flow to the pelvis. At the same time, you get all the loving energy from the crystal that can create the opportunity to heal sexual trauma, dis-association and/or sexual shame.

And when you use such a natural material in your vagina, you mix your sexual energy and womb energy with the energy of the crystal. It provides such a potent and powerful mixture that both gives you greater contact with the wisdom and primal power of your womb as well as with nature and Mother Earth, where the crystal comes from.

Crystal dildo – a symbol of self-pleasure as a sacred act

When you use a tool that is beautiful and unique, it sets the stage for making your pleasure a deeply sacred experience.

The crystal dildo is a symbol of how we should celebrate and sanctify the body, sexuality, pleasure, sex, masturbation and orgasms. With the crystal's vibrations and beautiful exterior, it inspires to create a sacred way to go to one's magical underbelly and create a beautiful self-pleasure practice that can be experienced as a sacred act.

How to clean and charge your crystal dildo

Caring for your crystal sex toys requires a little more time, effort and tenderness than your man-made glass or rubber sex toys. Crystals are beautiful stones from Mother Earth and therefore require extra tenderness and care to keep them clean and energetic. Here are some tips on how to clean and charge your crystal dildo:

Wash your crystal dildo in warm water with a mild organic soap or a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil in some water. Be sure to rinse it well and let it dry before storing it in the Goddess Temple storage bag. Do not forget to wash after each use or if you have not used it for a long time.

Store your crystal dildo in a safe and high place, away from prying little hands. Do not leave it in the bed after use. When you go to make the bed and it suddenly falls on the floor and breaks, you will not be happy.

Never use boiling water to clean your crystal dildo as it can damage the energy and internal structure and even break the crystal. Check your crystal dildo regularly for any cracks or damage as this can affect its safety and hygiene. If you notice any damage, stop using it. Do not wash it in the shower or sink as it will become slippery and there is a risk of you dropping it. Do not try to glue the stick together and use it again. Glue is toxic. If your wand breaks, see it instead as the crystal having finished working with you and consider investing in a new one.

To maintain the crystal's energy, you can clean and charge your crystal dildo during a full moon. You can also clean it with the smoke from sage, wash it in salt water or lay it on the ground outside.

If you use your crystal dildo for anal play, you must be especially thorough in cleaning it after use. Use warm, soapy water and be sure to remove any feces, lubricant, or body fluids. Avoid sharing your crystal dildo with others as it can transfer bacteria and unwanted energies.

Also avoid using chlorinated water, bleach or dishwasher as this can affect the energy and structure of the crystal.

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When you buy a crystal dildo from the Goddess Temple, you will be sent a 30 minute mp3 file where I guide you in a vagina massage practice.