Collection: Metal dildo

Discover a world of raw and sophisticated pleasure with our metal dildo that lifts your self-pleasure to new heights. It can be easily heated up or cooled down to your liking, and it is made of high quality medical grade stainless steel that will last a lifetime.

Metal dildo

You probably already know about the soft silicone sex toy that vibrates, pulsates and rotates, so you're probably thinking, what do I need a metal dildo for?

Maybe you associate metal with something that's cold, hard, and insensitive—like the speculum at the gynecologist, right? Irk.

But we need to get away from that, because the metal dildo can undoubtedly become your new best friend and support you in experiencing deeply satisfying orgasms if you learn how to use it correctly!

How to use a metal dildo?

To start with, warm it up in hot water before use.

If you only look at the function, then a metal dildo, like other dildos, is used vaginally inside the vagina - or anally.

The Aphrodite wand , which is sold at Gudindeshoppen, is a g-spot dildo made of metal and specially designed for stimulation and arousal of g-spot orgasms!!

The G-spot, or rather the Goddess spot, is an area at the top inside a woman's vagina, about 1-3 cm. inside depending on your unique vaginal canal. You can find this beautiful delicious erogenous zone by inserting two fingers and bending them up towards the pubic bone in a C shape. The area will have a grooved, rough surface like the surface of a walnut or the texture on the palate. Here you can start to stimulate the grooved area in circles, back and forth or in a "come here" movement. It can be extra delicious to do this while stimulating the clitoris.

As your Goddess point begins to awaken it will swell with blood and you will begin to feel arousal and more sensitivity. At this point, it can be really good to get a faster, firmer, consistent pressure that can initiate a rush of warm, pleasurable sensations, a g-spot orgasm or even a squirt orgasm.

But getting a g-spot orgasm can require quite a lot of pressure and strength, so doing it exclusively with your fingers can be difficult and tiring.

This is where the metal dildo comes into the picture!

What is the advantage of a metal dildo compared to other dildos?

The metal dildo's angle, weight and curvature allow you to easily find and apply the necessary firm pressure on the pleasure point without having to cramp your arm.

So a metal dildo, with its hardness, can give you the firm pressure you need for a woman to surrender to her body's sensations of pleasure and sensual flow of liquid and flow of happiness and g-spot ecstasy.

The firmness, heaviness and strength of the metal gives it a masculine energy, so use it on those days when you really need to be fully penetrated, filled and held in your uniquely feminine orgasmic experience.

And then it can withstand any lubricant or intimate oil that you prefer.

You can also put it in the freezer or pour boiling water over it to play with different temperatures, as it can withstand both being cooled and heated. It can increase your sensitivity immensely during sexual play. But remember not to put a scalding-hot or ice-cold metal dildo on your skin, as this can cause burns and frostbite.

If you want, you can also use the metal dildo anally for anal orgasm (or prostate massage for a man), as it has a long enough handle to hold onto, so it's safe for anal play. Use the thinner end of the dildo for that.

Since it is non-porous, it can be washed with soap and water after each use. You can possibly disinfect it with boiling water, but remember to let it cool down before you put it on your skin.

In addition to its function as an erotic toy, it can also be used for body massage. Use it to loosen tension knots and miosis in the back and neck.

Still think a metal dildo sounds scary?

Fear not! Let it become part of your collection of other dildos from e.g. crystal and glass , and when you are ready and have healed, softened, opened up and explored with your other goddess tools, you can take it out and explore your g-spot pleasure potential with it. The best thing that can happen is that you let your inner goddess fly high and experience a squirt orgasm. And if you take good care of the metal dildo, it will be able to last for many years, perhaps a lifetime, and therefore be able to activate your sacred amrita fluids again and again and again and again…

What's the worst that could happen? It's that you end up letting it collect dust in the drawer and only once in a while use it for a back massage. But aaaajjj, that would be boring too.