Collection: Wooden dildo

Explore the natural beauty and unique feel with our wooden dildo charms. They are handmade from sustainable and hypoallergenic rosewood, which with its beautiful dark brown color adds an aesthetic appeal to your intimate play. With its smooth surface and ergonomic design, our wooden dildos are perfect for achieving intense stimulation and deep satisfaction. By choosing a wooden dildo, you are not only investing in your pleasure, but also in environmentally friendly products. They are created with love and dedicated to enjoyment.

Wooden dildo

At we sell wooden dildos that are hand-carved, smooth, natural and sustainable. The wooden dildos are created in Poland by Sylwia and Piotr, with whom the Goddess Temple has had the honor to collaborate.

What wood are the dildos made of?

The wooden dildos are made from a tree with the beautiful-sounding name PALISANDER. The wood is physically and biologically resistant, easy to care for and keep clean. It is considered a very noble wood with a discreet rose scent. For this reason it is also called rosewood. Admired for its unusual color and its very high functional properties, adored by sculptors and violin makers. Magical decorations and musical instruments are created with rosewood. As well as this small, intimate work of art.

Is rosewood sustainable?

There are many rosewood woods. My producer buys rosewood santos (from Latin America) from a very good importer specializing in exotic wood. This type of rosewood is legal and not endangered. There are other types of rosewood, e.g. from Madagascar, which is endangered and trade in it is prohibited. Palisander Santos is on normal sale in Poland, where my producer is based, and they buy it from Ludwinscy Brothers – responsible people who are experts in the wood trade. They looked for other less exotic wood to make the wooden dildos in, but they found that only exotic species such as rosewood are resistant enough due to the environment in which the wood grows.

The benefits of a wooden dildo?

For those women who care about the earth and use sustainable materials, the wooden dildo is a really good alternative to dildos made of plastic, silicone and rubber, because it is made of a natural material and is biodegradable. It is easy to warm up with oil and gives a nice skin-to-skin feel to use.

Energetically, the rosewood from which the dildos are made possesses a feminine energy, and in pagan traditions the wood has been used in love and beauty spells and for spiritual healing work. When you use a wooden dildo, you will feel a greater connection to nature, where the tree has grown in, and you may also be able to feel into the spirit of the tree, at the same time that you use the dildo to get in touch with your own motherhood and feminine Gaia- nature within. That is why the wooden dildos are also called amulets, as they are magical tools.

Can the wooden dildo amulet be used intimately?

Yes, the wooden dildo amulet is created for the purpose of being used intimately for self-pleasure and vagina massage. But how you want to use your amulet depends only on you. You can use it to massage the stomach, thighs and buttocks or any place that calls. Listen to yourself and your body. It knows what serves it. You can also use it for magical work, as a protective talisman or a beautiful piece of art in your bedroom.

During intimate use, you should use natural oils suitable for contact with both the body and the wood. Wood has a specific structure that, like skin, needs proper hydration. Also remember to take care of the hygiene of your own magical body stamp by using body-friendly oil.

For some people, rosewood can be allergenic, so if you feel pain or itching during intimate use, immediately stop using the wooden dildo intimately.

How is the wood protected from splintering?

After carving and polishing, the amulet is washed with clean water and protected with natural oil – linseed oil which for many years has been known as the best for impregnating wood. The wood is not varnished, as the creator of the wooden dildos believes that it takes something away from the intimate contact with the wood. In direct contact with raw wood, a deeper natural experience similar to skin-to-skin contact is created.

How to care for the wooden dildo?

In order for the wooden dildo amulet to maintain its quality and serve you for a long time, you must wash it with soap and water after each use, dry it thoroughly and apply oil again after drying. You can also rub the tree with an infusion of herbs that have a bactericidal effect, e.g. chamomile, lavender or black tea. Black tea is often used to protect wood from microbes, but remember that it can also make the wood naturally darker in color.

What oil or lubricant should I use with my wooden dildo?

You can choose any oil intended for skin contact: coconut or almond. It is important that it is a natural oil that does not irritate you. You can heat the oils, which further enhances the pleasurable experience. The heated oil also helps to disinfect the wooden dildo amulet.

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