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Yoni eggs are a fantastic goddess tool to use to connect to one's body, sensuality and sexuality. They are designed to be used deep inside the vagina to strengthen, heal, soften and open the pelvic floor. At Gudindetemplet we sell high-quality yoni eggs, and with the purchase you get an introductory yoni egg practice. See our selection here and feel which crystal calls to you.

Yoni Egg

The yoni egg is an ancient, sacred tool that dates back thousands of years to the Taoist practice of ancient China. The queen and concubines used jade crystal yoni eggs to maintain a young, fertile and strong vagina for the king! Today, the secrets of the yoni egg have become available to the common modern woman. The yoni egg has become very popular and for good reason. It really is a beautiful and magical tool that radically changes the way you treat your body – and definitely your pussy.

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni eggs are precisely a crystal shaped like an egg, which is used deep inside the vagina to strengthen, tone, heal and massage the pelvic floor. The crystal is used as a weight in squats to provide resistance to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps with bladder control, vaginal wetness, sex drive and postpartum healing.

Why put a crystal in her vagina?

You've probably heard that it's important to do your crunches, but many of us don't get to do it, because let's face it: It's really not very sexy and often quite boring. But by popping a yoni egg into your vagina, your pelvic floor training is suddenly transformed into a fun, enjoyable and healing practice that you want to come back to again and again. On a physical and sexual level, the egg is a fantastic tool to maintain health and vitality in the abdomen and have greater orgasms and more satisfying sex. On the spiritual and emotional level, the crystal provides healing vibrations. Each crystal has its own healing properties that can help with self-love, healing, empowerment and the release of trauma. The word "yoni" itself is the Sanskrit term for the female genital organ and means "the sacred temple". Its symbol has been adored since ancient times for bringing life, creativity and love. By using a yoni egg, you can get a sense of bringing the sacred back to your vagina and womb. You will be able to heal and re-establish this beautiful area as a place of inspiration, guidance, wisdom, strength and enjoyment.

The benefits of using a yoni egg:

Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

Helps prevent prolapse and incontinence
Increases wetness, sex drive, pleasure and arousal
Creates sensitivity and flexibility deep inside the vagina, so you can experience vaginal orgasms!
Provides gentle crystal healing
Strengthens, heals and softens the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth
Teaches you to listen to your pussy's "yes" and "no"
Heals and releases blockages, trauma and negative energies
Re-establishes ownership over your pussy
Gives a lot of love

Hygiene – physical and energetic cleansing of the yoni egg

When you first get your egg, the first thing you need to do is cleanse it of old energies. Yoni eggs are made of crystal, which absorbs energies and frequencies around it. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it both physically, but also energetically, before you use it in your magical womb. To clean the egg physically, you can wash it with natural organic soap and warm water from the tap. Depending on which crystal you have chosen your egg in, you can also boil the egg for further disinfection – but be careful! Nephrite jade egg and black obsidian can withstand boiling or high temperatures, but the porous composition of the quartz crystals CANNOT and can break. Some also believe that the high temperature interferes with the crystal's healing energies. On an energetic level, you can cleanse the egg in various ways, e.g. using the smoke of sage, palo santo or other incense. You can also cleanse it in the ocean, place it in a bowl of sea salt water overnight, dig it into mineral-rich soil, place it under the sun's rays for activating solar energy, or under a full moon for extra healing feminine lunar energy .

Hole or not hole?

At Gudindeshoppen you can only buy yoni eggs with a hole through them, and there is a good reason for that. You use the hole to tie a string in, so that you can easily pull the egg out of your vagina. But if you don't want to use your egg with a string, you can easily use a holed egg anyway. Buying a holed egg will save you buying two eggs if you want to do string exercises in the future.

When you use your egg with a string, you are sure that you can pull the egg out when you no longer want it up. It can be beneficial as a beginner to have control so that you don't stress unnecessarily about how to get the egg out. When you become more advanced and strong enough to hold the egg up in a standing position, you can provide extra resistance in the exercises by pulling on the string while you squeeze the egg. Or you can tie a gentle weight to the string and do something as fun as vagina weight lifting. Pulling and vibrating the string while the egg is inside you can be very pleasurable and a way to activate the g-spot.

How to string yoni eggs?

The egg has a hole through it, so you can put a string on it. Use approx. 30 cm. plain unflavored dental floss or silk string, fold it and put the folded end through the hole. Make a bow and put the loose ends through the bow and pull. Make a knot at the bottom and at the top. Then you have a string on the egg! You use the string so that you can easily remove the egg and when you want to do more advanced strength exercises.

Egg size – What size?

You can choose between three different sizes of jade eggs: large, medium or small. The large egg is primarily used for women who have been through childbirth and therefore need to train with a large egg before she can move on to a smaller one. But in fact, women who have given birth can also easily start training with a medium egg. Medium egg is recommended for all beginners and advanced egg practitioners. With a medium egg, you want to give your vagina more opportunity to feel the egg inside you, without the egg being too heavy, big or too small to hold inside. When you have become more advanced, you might want to try training with a small eggs, which are harder to feel and hold inside you. You can also train with two eggs inside at the same time, and there it would be a good idea to have two small eggs.

What is the difference between yoni eggs and jade eggs?

The traditional yoni egg is made from nephrite jade, which has been used for thousands of years in ancient China. It is part of the Taoist practice (Eastern Tantra), where you use it in a whole practice with pelvic floor compression, breathing exercises, visualization and energy work. It is associated with yang energy, so when you use it in your yoni, which is naturally yin energy, you will create the optimal balance. The jade egg is a robust stone that is very difficult to damage and crack, therefore is it 100% safe to use in the vagina. It is also heavy enough to strengthen the pelvic floor and sturdy enough to use for more advanced egg exercises such as vagina weight lifting. It is the perfect crystal for beginners and if you only have one yoni egg to work with for the rest of your life, I recommend choosing nephrite jade. But due to the great popularity of the jade egg in relation to sexual healing & development, over the past decades yoni eggs have been made in other crystals as well. Each crystal has its own healing properties, so depending on which one you works with, it gives you something different. So of course it is also fun and incredibly rewarding to work with several different yoni eggs. But be aware that not all crystals are safe to use intimately in the vagina. Be especially careful with quartz crystals that cannot withstand boiling or falling on a hard surface without breaking. Although I talk a lot about the nephrite jade egg on the blog, I am also a big fan of using other yoni eggs. I also offer 7 other types of yoni eggs at the Goddess Shop in addition to the traditional jade stone. See the selection here. Of course, that also makes it a bit more challenging to choose the right stone to work with in your sexual practice. See next question.

How to choose your first egg?

The answer is really very simple: choose the one you are attracted to. Although you can read about the properties and try to choose one that you think suits you best, the best thing is to look at pictures of the crystal, see its color and beauty and even better hold it in your hand. Feel for your body rather than your rational brain. Your body will tell you which one it wants without you needing to know all the details. ⁠⁠So which Yoni Egg calls to you? Look at the pictures on this page and notice which crystal calls to you. Are you in doubt about which crystal to start with? Read more about how to choose your first yoni egg here.

Insertion – consultation with your pussy's "yes" and "no"

Place the thick end of the egg at your vaginal opening and take a few deep breaths, relax your pelvic floor and imagine your pussy yawning to welcome the egg inside. Use possibly some coconut oil or your favorite lubricant and make circles with the egg at your vaginal opening until you feel an invitation from your pussy to come closer. Ask your pussy: "Would you like to receive the egg today?". Listen to the answer. When you get a 100% yes, you can slowly start inserting the egg – don't push or rush the insertion, but let it be a gentle and enjoyable experience. In this way, you re-program your nervous system to associate penetration with something pleasurable and safe rather than transgressive and traumatic.

Yoni egg exercises - How is the yoni egg used?

You can use the egg by walking it around your home or meditating on your womb. These are more passive exercises that can give you an easy activation and healing of your sexual energy. However, you get the greatest benefits by using it in a conscious practice, where you squeeze and release your pelvic floor muscles around the egg in different positions and make breathing exercises, energy work and visualizations. To make a more active yoni egg practice, you can try the egg exercises on this page. By using the egg three times a week for 30 minutes up to 4 hours a day, you will experience a difference in your arousal, sensitivity, flexibility and strength. How deep you want to go with your egg is entirely up to you. Some women just pop it in and use it in their normal pelvic floor training. While other women feel called to work with the egg as part of their spiritual, religious practice, where they charge the egg with their intentions and insert it with the desire to manifest and "give birth" to it in physical form. Remember that crystals comes from Mother Earth and holds powerful energy. Treat it like a little crystal shaman that can open up the communication to the great Goddess herself within yourself. Notice which messages come through during your yoni egg practice and possibly write it down. It can also be really nice to create an entire altar where you can store and worship your yoni egg as a symbol of the divine feminine.

How to remove your yoni egg?

When you need to remove the egg, you simply pull the string that you have tied on the hole in the egg. If you don't have a string on the egg, you can simply use your finger to remove the egg or squat down and "give" the egg out like a really sexy Goddess chicken. Remember that your egg may decide to jump off on an adventure if you walk it around or sit on the toilet, so remember to catch it before it falls.

Who should NOT use a yoni egg?

A yoni egg practice is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant, have recently had abdominal surgery, have an infection or lichen sclerosis, have pelvic floor tension or vaginismus, have an active trauma or a health challenge. The yoni egg should not stand in for medical treatment and guidance! If you have an IUD in place, ask your gynecologist for advice about the safety of using a pelvic floor egg. Read more about when NOT to use a yoni egg here.

Want to go deeper?

Sign up for The Magical Jade Egg online course: If you want to go deeper and learn how to use the egg for sexual healing & pleasure, check out my online course and be introduced to the ancient Taoist jade egg practice. If you choose a crystal other than nephrite jade, please do not hesitate to sign up. You can still join the course no matter which yoni egg you choose. However, the jade is the most robust for the more advanced exercises such as vaginal weight lifting and training with string rather than the quartz crystals. You can register for the Magical Jade Egg online course here. Book a Party: If you want to choose your very own yoni egg in the company of your girlfriends, book a Yoni Egg Party for your next event. Read more about the Yoni Egg Party here. Book a 1:1 session: If you need individual guidance, contact me through the contact form.