G spot

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This category features g-spot dildos that are great for stimulating, healing and awakening your g-spot for deep ocean pleasure and squirting orgasms.

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G spot

The G-spot is an area inside a woman's vagina, which, depending on the unique vagina, sits two or three cm. inside up against the vaginal wall towards the pubic bone. From this point you will be able to open up to great pleasure and even awaken your inner fountain in a squirting orgasm.

First of all, you need to know that the G-spot is actually much more than just a spot, but it is an entire area that swells with blood and fluid when you are really sexually aroused.

I like to call the G-spot the Goddess spot, because it really feels like you get the wings of a goddess when this area is awakened and comes alive. But in fact the name "G" spot is named after a scientist who allegedly "found" the G spot - as if women have not already known about this erogenous zone within themselves since the dawn of time.

You must know that you do not need to find any point, but that it is already there for you to explore. The G (outside) point is not so much something you find, but more something you feel .

How to find the G-spot?

You can find your own G-zone by inserting two fingers into your vagina and moving them up towards the pubic bone. Here you will feel a grooved area like the surface of a walnut or the palate inside the mouth. This is where the magic happens!

But to really open up the G-spot and set your goddess free, it's best to be really turned on. So it's good to warm up your body and be really turned on before you start touching the G-spot. The more turned on you can get, the better the g-spot stimulation will be.

The G-spot is something that always has and will be alive within women, but due to various emotional and physical traumas and blockages, we shut down this divine place. So therefore it can be really good to heal it by learning to stimulate it and wake it up.

How to wake up the G-spot?

On this page you can find some great goddess tools to heal and awaken your G-spot. To stimulate the G-spot, you can first of all use your fingers to locate it. You do this by making a C shape with your fingers and pressing up against the G area inside you while making a come-here movement. This will activate a feeling of needing to urinate, but this is only because the bladder is close to it. It may be a good idea to pee before g-spot stimulation because it can make you feel more at ease knowing that you're not actually going to pee. You continue the come-here motion and depending on how turned on you feel, you can do it faster and faster and with harder pressure. You can squeeze pretty well into the G-zone, and that's what allows you to actually experience a squirt orgasm.

How to use a G-spot dildo?

It can be really beneficial to use a g-spot dildo to stimulate the g-spot, because that way you can relax better and surrender completely to your pleasure, without having to use a lot of effort. It can be hard on the arm to stimulate the g-spot exclusively with the fingers, because quite good pressure is required for a long time at a time, which can make your arm get tired. That's why using a G-spot dildo is so great. A G-punk's dildo has a curved shape that can push up against the vaginal wall at the pubic bone where the G-spot is. A G-spot dildo is also longer, allowing for deeper g-spot penetration.

At the Goddess Temple we sell various G-spot dildos. Here is a list of the most popular:

The rose quartz G-Spot crystal dildo is small in size and provides gentle crystal healing, which can be good for women who need sexual healing and who need to connect the heart and vagina and open up their emotions related to surrender himself to his g-spot orgasms.

The Aphrodite wand is GREAT for supporting you in DEEP g-spot penetration and will help you achieve a squirt orgasm. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 0.6 kg, so it carries a masculine energy that can give you the confidence to surrender to your feminine energy. It also has a very curved shape and its weight allows you to get deeper pressure without having to use more force.

The Magic Syringe is shaped like an octopus tentacle and will help women experience a squirting orgasm. With its tongue-like shape and bumpy surface, it will stimulate and open the g-spot. If you like to charge yourself like a mermaid, then this one is for you. We also sell a narrower version called the Octopus .

The Amrita wand is made of crystal either rose quartz or black obsidian . It has a ball-shaped end that allows you to hook it onto the g-spot to experience deeper stimulation. The name Amrita means "holy nectar" and refers to the fluid that a woman squirts out in a g-spot and squirt orgasm.

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If you want to go deeper and be supported in your journey into your sacred portal, check out my online course Vagina Wonderland . You can also get 1:1 support from me with a yonimapping or my Women's Wisdom course. Find more information here .


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