Trading conditions

Company information

Goddess Temple / Helle Lykkebo
Jætstuen 26
4700 Næstved
CVR no.: 39938448

Prices and payment

Gudindetemplet accepts payment with Dankort/VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, MobilePay, PayPal and ViaBill. Payment will only be debited from your account when the item is dispatched.

All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and is incl. VAT.

The Goddess Temple uses an approved payment server that encrypts all your card information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your information cannot be read.


Goddess Temple delivers on all weekdays from Monday to Friday.

When the order is placed, it is shipped within 1-3 business days.

Orders in Denmark are delivered with DAO and reach you within 2-4 days after the order has been sent. The package can be delivered to a DAO package shop near you, so you can pick it up when you have time. But if you would like home delivery, you can choose DAO home delivery.

Here at you get free shipping on orders over DKK 599 - only valid in Denmark and not in combination with other discount codes.

Orders to Sweden and Norway are delivered with Postnord or DAO and take 4-7 working days to reach you after the order has been shipped. You get free delivery to Sweden and Norway with purchases over DKK 1,350.

We make a point of loving the products and charging them with a lot of good energy before they are sent out to you.

We pack discreetly! Nothing on the outside indicates that the content has anything to do with sexuality and pleasure.

For international orders, please refer to our English webshop .

Liability and lost goods

If your package is lost or stolen in the shipping process, we will apply for an investigation with the postal company to obtain an insurance claim. This may take some time, so please be patient. If you have a tracking number, check it, and if it says that your package has been "delivered", contact your own post office or local postal company and have them do an investigation.

The Goddess Temple will not be responsible for items lost or cover shipping if they are returned due to incorrect addresses or unforeseeable circumstances. If the item is returned for any reason in the shipping process, a reshipping fee will be charged (the price originally paid for shipping).

The Goddess Temple will not be held responsible for lost packages, but if returned to the shop, the package will be reshipped (with a different shipping charge) immediately after receiving it back.


At Gudindetemplet you have a 14-day right of return on all unopened and unused goods.

If you wish to return an item, you write to us through our contact form within 14 days of receiving your package and before sending it back to us.

You can return the item(s) to us in the following ways:

  • Reject receipt of your package if you have requested home delivery.
  • Do not pick up your package at the delivery point, because this means that the package is automatically delivered back to us at no extra cost to you.
  • Send the unopened and unused product(s) back to us before the expiry of your 14-day right of withdrawal. You bear the shipping costs yourself. Please note that we do not accept packages sent by cash on delivery.

Once your package is returned, it will be processed within 14 days.

If you received free shipping on your purchase, the amount you get back will be deducted from the cost of the free shipping.

Due to the product's intimate nature and use, we only offer refunds and exchange options on unopened and untested items, i.e. if you have opened the package with tissue paper, it will be seen as used - except in very rare cases where the product is damaged during shipping.

Right of complaint

If you find that the item is damaged on arrival, you must immediately send an email to and send pictures of the damaged item. We then assess the damage and send you a new item at no extra cost. You will cover the cost of returning the damaged item yourself and if we accept that the item is damaged, we will resend your postage fee for sending it back.

In the event of a complaint, contact and complaints are sent to:

Goddess temple / Helle Lykkebo
Jætstuen 26
4700 Næstved

Also notify the complaint per email through the contact form . In the notification, you must clearly describe that you wish to exercise your right of complaint.

The complaint must be sent to us no later than 14 days after the order has been received. The period is calculated from the day you receive the order.

Complaints after the 14 days are assessed based on the condition of the item.

What happens if my crystal has a scratch or chip on the surface?

Small non-abrasive scratches on the surface of yoni eggs or crystal dildos are perfectly safe to use. In fact, they are very common on certain types of crystals.

Internal cracks are also common among certain stones. If your stone has an internal crack, it is safe to use as long as the crack has not grown to the outer surface.

However, large holes or cracks running along the outside of the stone are not safe for intimate use.

Always check your stone before use; with improper care, your stone may develop cracks or holes.

We do not use fillers on any of our stones; Remember, these are gems. It is not molded from plastic or other synthetic materials and therefore they cannot be made perfectly.

Each crystal and stone is completely unique in its color, shade and energy. It is normal for them to have "imperfections" such as discoloration, cracks, lines or patterns. So please be aware that your crystal may look different from the pictures on our website.


If you experience allergic reaction by using our products, stop using it and contact us immediately. We will find out together whether it is the product that has caused an allergic reaction, and if so, you will be compensated with a new product. We cannot take the item back due to its intimate nature and use and therefore cannot give the money back either.

The use of our products, even intimately, is the customer's (YOUR) own responsibility. The Goddess Temple assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries or medical bills that may arise as a result of use or misuse.

The information on the Gudindetemplet's website is intended for information only and is based on personal experience. It must and cannot take the place of medical advice and must therefore NOT be used for diagnosis, medication or treatment of health problems or disease.

We strongly recommend that you consult your general practitioner and if you have any doubts, ask your doctor and/or gynecologist before using our products, including yoni eggs, yoni steam herbs, wooden dildos, crystal dildos, etc.

Discount codes

Here at Gudindetemplet, we give exclusive discount codes to our customers. You use the code by entering it in the discount coupon code column at check-out. If you forget to use your discount code, no refund will be given. It is your own responsibility to remember to use it.

A discount code cannot be used in conjunction with free shipping or other discount coupons.

Discounts are not given on already reduced items, goddess packs, Pussy Butter or on wooden dildo amulets.

Discount codes are used ONLINE ONLY!

Right of withdrawal

If you have changed your mind after purchasing products in our webshop, you can cancel your order within 24 hours or before we have packed and shipped it. You do this by sending an e-mail to or through our contact form here on the website, and we will send you a credit memo. If we have already shipped your package, you cannot cancel the shipment of your package. You can instead not pick up your package, because then it will automatically be sent back to us at no extra cost to you (see the "Returns" section).

Appeal options

If you have a complaint about a product in the Gudindeshoppen, you can send a complaint to:

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution
Carl Jacoksens Vej 35
2500 Valby

If you have any questions, contact us here .