This crystal is a warm and strong stone that helps with creativity, passion, courage and sex drive. It is a true fertility stone known to help women connect to her womb and relieve menstrual cramps…
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The meaning of carnelian

Carnelian gives you a boost of energy and motivates you to get ahead in life and express yourself in a playful and passionate way. It balances the hara chakra, which is the energy center in the body associated with sexuality, creativity and money. It is therefore really good to work with when it comes to enjoyment and living out one's innermost longings and dreams.
In addition to balancing these areas of life, Carnelian is often used to increase confidence, fearlessness, passion and to connect women to their womb and body in a sacred way.
Carnelian is completely unique in its color and can have a mixture of red, orange, brown, white and black colors, which makes it look like fire and heat. You totally get associations with lava and a volcanic eruption when you look at its beauty. Some may even look like they have strings of blood, and this is because the red color contains iron.
Physically, Carnelian works with the blood in the body, cleaning it and getting it flowing. So if you are close to your period and just waiting for it to come, Carnelian is really good to work with because it makes the blood flow smoothly.
In ancient Egypt, Carnelian was associated with the menstrual blood of the Mother Goddess Isis, so there is something truly powerful and divinely feminine about this reddish-brown crystal.
In my own feminine work I also associate the stone with goddesses such as Bridgid, Aphrodite, Medusa & the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele.

Here is a list of its features…

Creativity, inspiration & enthusiasm
Passion & passion
Fires up the sex drive and the inner fire
Courage & fearlessness
Provides positive energy to make decisions and bring your dreams to life
Messenger of love and romance
Strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem and helps to stand up for oneself
Cleanses the blood in the body & relieves menstrual pain
Associated with the harachakra
Healing and sanctification of the womb and the female body

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