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Congratulations on your new carnelian yoni egg!

I will now introduce you to a Sex Magic ritual that will teach you how to use your sexual energy to get everything you want. I guide you through the entire process of charging your egg with your desire and using your egg as a fertile tool with which you fertilize yourself. You will find the entire ritual at the bottom of the downloadable audio file, which you can listen to when you want to make your own Sex Magic ritual.

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Sex Magic ritual

The sex magic ritual allows you to:

Use your carnelian egg's fertile creative energy as a fertile tool to manifest your innermost dreams, e.g. more sexual pleasure, healing, greater orgasms, the great love, more wealth or the dream job.

Charge your yoni egg with your desire and then fertilize yourself with it.

Build more sexual energy with an orgasmic breathing exercise.

Spread your sexual energy throughout your body and charge your chakras with your desire.

Visualize your desire as if you already have it in your life. Increases your sexual desire, orgasmic capacity and your understanding of what orgasm is and can accomplish for you.

Gives you greater contact with the divine and magical properties of your pussy plus a higher awareness of energy, the divine, the Universe, the Goddess or whatever you want to call it.

It's breath, meditation, yoga, enjoyment and manifestation in one beautiful practice! Try it yourself at the bottom of the audio file!

[audio m4a=""][/audio]

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Let's stay in touch


If you need extra support to release trauma, pain, shame or numbness in the abdomen, you are more than welcome to contact me, and we can have a completely non-binding conversation by email or phone.

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Do you want to go deeper with

The Magic Jade Egg?

Learn how to use your new yoni egg in my 7 week online course, The Magical Jade Egg .

It's an amazing course that will teach you all about how to use your yoni egg for sexual healing & enjoyment and how to use it in an entire practice that will transform your relationship with yourself, your self-love and your sexuality on a very deep plane!

You will be taken through basic exercises, basic exercises to advanced exercises with the egg. You will learn egg exercises that focus on sexual healing and integration for Pleasure and Orgasms for Strength and Empowerment and Manifestation.

It's 7 weeks of healing, pleasure and great transformation where you will learn the Goddess practice that will change your sex life forever.

There will be live practices, bonuses and Q&A! And then you will have access to a large number of videos and audio files, which can be downloaded and always viewed again after the course.

And even though the course is about the jade egg, you can easily use your new carnelian egg in the exercises instead. A previous participant has actually also used a carnelian egg instead of a jade egg, and it turned out to be just the right egg for her...

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