Forest collection

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The Forest collection contains wooden dildos that are hand-carved, smooth, natural and sustainable – giving a whole new meaning to "hugging trees".

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Forest collection

The forest collection features wooden dildos that are hand-carved, smooth, natural and sustainable – giving a whole new meaning to "hugging trees".

The collection is inspired by fairy tales, fables, magic and mythology, because the forest is often the place where such stories unfold, and it is here, if you are lucky, that you can meet trolls, gnomes and other magical creatures. The idea is that it is through the world of imagination that we can create our own reality, and it is at the intersection between fantasy and reality that one can encounter these worlds of magic and enchantment.

For many of us, it is in sexuality that we allow ourselves to play with our fantasies, without perhaps thinking of the magic and enchantment that they potentially contain. Because at some point in our upbringing , we lost the ability to believe in magic and fairy tales. We were told to "grow up", although the moral of many of these stories is to keep believing.

The wooden dildos are created by Sylwia and Piotr, a fantastic couple from Poland, with whom I have had the honor to collaborate. The story behind the wooden dildos is that Sylwia had been through a lot in her life and she had come to a place where she could enjoy what she had, but deep in her heart was an unfulfilled desire... a desire for pleasure, which she had never known, namely bodily pleasure with another.

Contrary to what you hear in the adventurers, her wish was not granted instantly with a wave of a wand. But she decided to take responsibility for her own sex life, look deep within herself, her mind, emotions, body and soul and rebuild an intimate, healthy and loving relationship with herself . She discovered in the process who she is as a sexual being, and she explored part by part how her body looks and feels, she learned step by step to be with herself, her sensations, thoughts and feelings. Every day for days, weeks and months she practiced the art of pleasure. Thanks to that, she finally made contact and found the path to pleasure. And when she was ready, she asked for an adventure with a lover with whom it would be possible to raise deeper desire and passion.

Magically, Piotr appeared in her life and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her and he felt her longing to have wonderful orgasms with him. He loved the sun, the earth and... the forest. He had skilled hands and was good at carving wood. With curiosity, excitement and hope in his heart, he carved an intimate amulet out of wood for her – and in this way the small Wooden Dildo Amulet was created as a declaration of love for Sylwia. These small intimate works of art are therefore truly enchanted, namely by the highest vibration: love.

The wood from which the dildos are made is rosewood, which is a feminine wood said to enhance healing, spiritual development, beauty and love spells. It possesses a motherly, nurturing energy that enhances female beauty and feminine grace. Increases intuition and is an excellent spiritual healer. When using the wooden dildo, you will go on your own adventure within yourself with the help of the energy of the tree, your own sexual energy and imagination .

The forest collection invites the user to strengthen their imagination, reclaim the world of fantasy and strengthen their connection with their sexuality and imagination as a gateway to new worlds of magic and pleasure. But not only that, also strengthen his connection with trees as living beings and as containing a lot of wisdom and healing.

Trees have a very special relationship with us humans, because we give each other life energy. Trees secrete oxygen, which we breathe in, and when we exhale, they get our carbon dioxide/CO2 – a perfect symbiosis. The mission of the forest collection is therefore also to raise awareness of the life of trees and their importance for the ecosystem and us humans.


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