Black obsidian


Black obsidian is a lava stone that forms when a volcano erupts and the lava is cooled in cold water. This means that it does not have time to form crystals, but instead creates the shiny obsidian glass crystal.
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Black Obsidian

This crystal contains great dramatic energy and is not for the faint of heart as it soaks up all of one's shadow sides, blockages and unresolved traumas and deeper emotions. It does this so you can look them in the eye and work with them and redeem them. Black obsidian is somewhat of a Kali stone. Kali is the Hindu goddess of transformation, death and destruction. She transforms and lets things die to set you free and that you can live out your full potential. So is black obsidian. It allows you to heal and release deeply so that you can let go of what weighs you down and holds you back in this life. It may well mean that you have to let go of really big things, and that it hurts. But after the big cleanup, it will protect you and ground you. But it requires you to be ready to face big things. For some, obsidian is too violent in its energy to start with, but for others it is exactly the energy they need to make a breakthrough in their sexual and sensual healing and development.

The properties of black obsidian are…

Removes negative energy and trauma
Protection from negative energy
Earth connection
Balancing the Root Chakra
Releasing emotional blockages

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