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Amethyst eye mask

Amethyst eye mask

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The Amethyst Eye Mask is one of our absolute favorite Goddess tools because it allows you to shut out the external environment and go within yourself with a sharpened inner vision. We especially recommend using it for body meditations, heart meditations or when using your Calypso Cervix rod or a yoni egg for the deeper yoni journeys. It is said that when you are in the dark, the pineal gland will begin to grow larger, which brings with it stronger inner images and clairvoyance and thereby the opportunity to "see" much better your inner landscape and the meeting with your inner goddess, and how she looks. Amethyst is a crystal associated with the third eye and crown chakra and helps to raise one's vibration, calm the mind and protect against negative energy. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, this crystal is really good. It creates a kind of protective circle around you so that you can safely meditate and retreat into yourself. The crystal eye mask also has a calming effect on the delicate eye area, reduces dark circles and puffiness, supports blood circulation and collagen production and increases the glow of the skin. Use it for 15 minutes or as long as you like, either alone or on top of an eye serum.


  • Eye mask in amethyst

  • A box for safe storage

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