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Ceremonial cacao, Camille's Cacao Love (Organic)

Ceremonial cacao, Camille's Cacao Love (Organic)

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Imagine a sensual and luxurious drink, full of nutrients and herbal medicine. Ceremonial cacao of pure raw chocolate - organic and fair trade certified - is just that.

Imported directly from the Ucayali region in Peru, where cocoa is considered a sacred plant and bestowed by the Mother Goddess herself. This magical potion is perfect to enjoy at women's circles, ceremonies, meditations and yoni egg practice. One sip at a time, and you will feel a sea of ​​endorphins in your body and your heart will open. If you allow it, it can start a deep process of transformation and insight.

And did you know it's also rich in iron, so it's especially good to drink during your bleeding moon period? But wait, there's more - cacao is also a natural aphrodisiac and can be enjoyed alone as part of a self-pleasure ritual or with a lover to create a deeper heart connection and heightened sensitivity. So take a sip of this holy drink and immerse yourself in sensuous and sensual experiences.


  • Works on the psychic, emotional and spiritual level
  • Opens the heart to forgiveness, acceptance and deeper love
  • Increases focus and awareness
  • Provides inspiration and creativity
  • Greater contact with inner essence
  • Starts a gentle healing process
  • Connecting you to Mother Earth
  • Filled with vitamins and minerals and good to drink during menstruation
  • Fantastic chocolate aroma that satisfies the taste buds

Ingredients: raw, organic cocoa bean mass, 420 g.

Nutritional content per 100 g.

Energy 656 kcal

Fat 55.64 g.

- of which saturated fatty acids 36.15 g.

Carbohydrate 25.24g

- of which sugars 0.2 g.

Dietary fiber 15.4 g.

Protein 13.67 g.

Salt 0 g.

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