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Cord Cutting meditation

Cord Cutting meditation

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The Cord Cutting meditation helps you to cut ties with bad energy, past partners and memories that are not good for you to hold on to anymore. The practice helps to take your energy back and re-establish healthy boundaries.

You may feel the need to cut ties if you feel drained or always end up in unhealthy emotional relationships or have difficulty feeling yourself and what you need. It could be that right now you are in an unhealthy relationship that is draining you, that you need to energetically detach yourself from before you can do it physically. Or it may be that after many months or years you still feel an attachment to your ex-partner who hurt you, or was the victim of a sexual assault, a toxic family member or a former friend, where there is still a strong connection ties to that drain your precious energy and limit you consciously or unconsciously.

When you energetically remove the strings of attachment to these, you will notice that you can allow yourself to grow into more positive states and open yourself up to experiences and friendships and love relationships that lift you up instead of oppressing you. Feel free to create a safe space for yourself where you will not be disturbed and be guided through this meditation, where you allow yourself to cut ties and say goodbye to this person, thing or experience with ease, forgiveness and love in your heart.

You can do this meditation as often as you like until you feel the bond loosening to this person or experience and you feel yourself being set free more and more. It may be that you feel lighter around the heart and in your body after the first time. But for many it may take a few times. Feel free to do it three times a week the first time and then you can do it once a week over a period of time if the energy is still there.


I send you so much erotic love! / Helle

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