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De-armouring glass dildo

De-armouring glass dildo

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The de-armouring glass dildo is used for gentle vagina massage, release and healing of pelvic floor tension and numbness and arousal of G-spot pleasure!

It is small enough for you who want to go quietly and have a smaller pole to go exploring with. There are two different ends with a thick and thinner spherical end respectively. The thick end is good for stimulating the G-spot and other pleasure zones, while the thin ball-shaped end is perfect for gentle de-armouring. You know your body best, so which end you start with is up to you. We recommend starting with the thin end and when you feel more open and turned on, you can use the thick end.

"Armour" means armour, so "de-armouring" means to take off the armor or disarm. The vagina is the place in the woman's body that absorbs most of the stress and rush of everyday life, and where life's traumas and negative experiences are stored. Learning to release and cleanse past experiences from your vagina is therefore one of the most powerful things you can do for your sexual health.

Too many women hold in their vagina unprocessed traumas from cross-border gynecological procedures, sexual assaults, bad ex-boyfriends, birth traumas, abortions etc. But also the minor traumas such as having penetration sex without being 100% ready, or growing up in a culture where the woman's sexuality is not respected. It can create chronic vaginal tension in the vagina and cervix - a protective shield, which most often manifests itself as pain, hypersensitivity and/or reduced sensation in the abdomen.

Using the De-armouring wand to hold, press into and massage areas of tension and pelvic floor myosis will increase sensitivity, blood flow and pleasure. The rod can especially hit the G-spot aka Goddess spot and teach you to squirt!


  • L: 19 cm. W: 3.8 cm. (widest end) & 2.8 cm. (thinner end)

* Please note that all our glass dildos are handmade, therefore each rod is completely unique and may vary slightly in size.


  • A glass dildo for vaginal de-armouring and g-spot stimulation
  • Material of safe, non-porous and crack-free borosilicate glass
  • A velvet-silk-lined bag to store and hide your beautiful glass dildo
  • A video where I teach you about the anatomy & history of the vagina
  • A 30 minute audio file with a guided vagina massage practice
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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