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The Green Jago Crystal Dildo IN PRE-ORDER 25 September

The Green Jago Crystal Dildo IN PRE-ORDER 25 September

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Jago is the term for the male genitalia in Indonesia, and since we think that's a really cool word, that's what this green crystal dildo is called. It's a badass crystal dildo made of green aventurine, the luckiest stone of them all. It is said to bring luck, happiness and wealth and is associated with the heart chakra.

Its width gives a delicious sensation of being "filled out" during penetration and stimulates and awakens the vaginal walls for vaginal pleasure. It has a bulbous end for G-spot stimulation and is long enough to reach the cervix.

Use The Green Iago to experience new kinds of orgasms, while visualizing your innermost dreams coming true. As an addition, you can also use it as an effective massage wand for the rest of the body, a tool for meditation, or you can place it over your heart for extra self-love.


  • L: 18 cm. & W: (at spherical end): 4 cm.


  • An Indian jade aka green aventurine crystal dildo
  • A fabric bag to store and store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • Detailed instructions in flyer
  • A lot of love, sensual intent and erotic energy charged into the crystal just for you! We take great care to love the crystals and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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