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E-Book: Jade Egg Practice for Beginners

E-Book: Jade Egg Practice for Beginners

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This e-book reveals the secrets of the jade egg and how to use the jade egg for sexual healing & pleasure.

(And it provides specific instructions so you can get started right away!)

By beginning a regular jade egg practice, you will embark on a wonderful journey of great transformation, sexual healing and the awakening of deeper pleasure, more sexual feeling and life-changing orgasms. Jade Egg is a crystal that is shaped like an egg shape to be used inside the vagina to strengthen, tone, massage and the entire pelvic floor and the inner muscles of the vagina. Jade Egg is a fantastic, powerful and transformative tool to use to reconnect with one's womb, awaken sexual energy within and to deepen one's relationship with one's sensuality and spirituality on a deeper and more intimate level. Traditionally, jade has been used for thousands of years in the ancient Taoist practice of China, where the female concubines of the Chinese emperor used the jade egg to increase and use her sexual energy (ching chi) for vitality, radiance, health, pleasure and spiritual development. The e-book will answer all the most common questions when you are just starting your practice. You will learn:
  • The story behind the jade egg
  • How to clean and charge your egg
  • Why you should use a holed egg, as well as how to apply string
  • Enjoyable warm-up exercises
  • Inserting the egg with respect for your pussy's "yes" and "no"
  • Basic jade egg exercises
  • and much more


NOTE: This is an e-book, therefore you will receive it digitally to your e-mail and not physically by post.

I send you so much erotic love!

/ Helle

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