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Egyptian Goddess Repairing Beauty Balm

Egyptian Goddess Repairing Beauty Balm

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Egyptian Goddess Repairing Beauty Balm is a powerful blend of ancient beauty ingredients combined to create an intensely healing night cream.

Deep healing oils combined with vitamin-rich raw shea butter work together to repair the skin's natural barrier and entire age-related damage. It is good for sensitive and mature skin and is easy to use. After cleansing and serum, a pea-full is used for the face and neck.

This is a waterless cream. It is pure, undiluted nutrition, straight from nature.

Shea butter (moisturizing; anti-inflammatory; supports collagen production.)
Olive oil (moisturizing; rich in antioxidants, skin healing and anti-aging.)
Argan oil (moisturizing; antioxidant; anti-inflammatory; anti-aging)
Rosehip oil (moisturizing; repairing; tissue regeneration; anti-aging; anti-pigmentation)
Beeswax (emollient, soothing and protective.
Rose Absolute (antidepressant; antiseptic; antiviral)
Frankincense (Anti-aging; cell repair; acne prevention; minimizing pores)

59 ml.

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