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Goddess Transfiguration meditation

Goddess Transfiguration meditation

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As a woman, you are naturally connected to the goddess, because she is already alive within you. In fact, you have a goddess right there inside your pussy. She is just waiting to be woken up and spoken to...

In this meditation you will invoke a goddess (also your inner goddess). You will use the tantric transfiguration technique to transform into your divine self and into what you have always wanted to be. Instead of waiting to become one and being uncertain about how you are in bed and in your sexuality, you can already be one right here and now. Goddess Transfiguration is where you close your eyes and feel yourself as a goddess in your whole body and all your cells.

You can do this meditation when you need some confidence in bed, or before your jade egg practice, self-pleasure, or just before a job interview, an important meeting, a city trip, or when you need to tap into your Goddess I.


I send you so much erotic love! / Helle

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