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Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo

Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo

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Let me take you on a journey with the Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo, designed especially for you who seek sexual healing and the opening of your feminine power. With its curved design, it follows the natural curve of the vagina and allows you to explore your body in an intimate way. The crystal dildo is made of Indian jade, which is known for its healing and protective energy that strengthens your connection between love and sexuality.

When you use the Indian Jade Crescent, it will help you release tension and emotional blockages in your vagina, while increasing blood flow and life energy to the area. Use the thin end to find your sore spots and release tension as you explore your intimacy. And use the thick end to awaken and stimulate your deepest pleasure points, such as g-spot, cervix or vaginal walls.

The Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo is more than just a sex toy – it's a spiritual tool to help you open up and strengthen your feminine power and connect with your inner divine essence. So take a journey with this crystal dildo and discover a new dimension of self-expression and sexual healing.

About Indian Jade (AKA Green Aventurine):

Indian jade, also known as green aventurine, is one of our absolute favorite crystals. It radiates love and happiness and is associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras.
You will love using this crystal in self-loving rituals where it helps open the heart to great love and positive possibilities. Known to attract luck, success and more money, its calming energies help balance the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.
But not only that! Indian jade is also great for promoting creativity, flow, fertility and enjoyment. You can use it to manifest your dreams with and attract all that you desire of love, abundance and development into your life. You can let its positive energies connect your heart with your vagina, using it to release old patterns and disappointments so you can move forward with renewed confidence and emotional balance. With Indian jade you can also achieve an increased connection between your heart and your sex and experience deep healing and sexual empowerment.

Learn how to use the Indian Jade Crescent dildo to give yourself a yoni massage in the online course for women, Vagina Wonderland or read the blog post How to give yourself a vagina massage?


  • L: 18 cm. W: 3 cm.
Each Indian jade dildo has a medium green hue. They are each smooth, but completely unique, as they are handmade from natural stone without chemicals or dyes and may therefore have small "flaws" in its appearance.


  • A real Indian jade dildo
  • A fabric bag to store and store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • A video where I teach you about the anatomy & history of the vagina
  • A 30 minute audio file with a guided vagina massage practice
  • A lot of love, sensual intent and erotic energy charged into the crystal just for you! We take great care to love the crystals and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women

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