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Crystal Cervix Wand - Rose Quartz

Crystal Cervix Wand - Rose Quartz

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We are pleased to present our most popular cervical wand in a brand new version - now in beautiful rose quartz crystal! Our Crystal Cervix Rod is designed to give you a unique and enhanced experience of your sexuality and sensuality. By using this wand, you can enjoy improved blood circulation and increased sensitivity, which will increase your sexual pleasure and intensify your orgasms.

Its characteristic S-shape and spherical head ensure optimal stimulation of the cervix. On the other end, the grooved, thinner end of the wand has an acupressure effect that is ideal for Goddess point stimulation.

Crystal energy can have a powerful effect on our emotions and energy in the body, and our Crystal Cervix wand is no exception. You may benefit from cleansing and charging it according to your intentions, as it can be a powerful tool in an emotional process that provides deeper and more spiritual and emotional self-pleasure.

Rose Quartz is a particularly powerful crystal that can boost love, acceptance and forgiveness while gently healing heartbreak and unhappiness. It can open the heart to romance, love and joy.

We know that trauma and emotions can be stored in the body as muscle tension, especially in the area around the genitals. Using our Crystal Cervix Rod can help release bad experiences stored in the vagina and genitals - such as unwanted abortions, involuntary childlessness, abuse, transgressive gynecology and other negative experiences. We hope that our Crystal Cervix rod can help you achieve a deep connection with your body and open the door to a new and more positive experience of your sexuality.


  • L: 25.1cm x W: 3.6cm (widest end) x 2.8cm (thinnest end)
  • 420 grams.
  • A Crystal Cervix Rod in rose quartz
  • A silk-lined velor bag to store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • Detailed instructions in flyer
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