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Lilith G-Spot Crystal Dildo

Lilith G-Spot Crystal Dildo

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The Lilith wand [named after the goddess Lilith , meaning Night in Semitic] is a perfect petit crystal dildo designed for smaller vaginas, overactive pelvic floor muscles and vaginismus-like symptoms.

It is a must for girls who are just starting to explore their pleasure and yoni. With its S-shape and narrower shape, it supports exploring different vaginal points, can be used in a regular yoni massage and can help heal and open up sensitivity at the Goddess point. Powerful tool that can be used with body-friendly oil, lubricant or the famous Pussy Butter .

Lilith symbolizes the awakening of that part of feminine sexuality that is raw, strong, independent, uncontrolled, untamed, sexual, fearless, shameless and highly orgasmic! Because she is the primal feminine sexual drive, which the patriarchy has tried to suppress for a thousand years, and which has been in the shadows for far too long. But she remains untamed within and can be set free with regular love, patience and compassion.

Choose rose quartz to attract love and create harmony, red jasper to strengthen courage and vitality, and rock crystal to amplify energy and open up spiritual development. All three crystals can help to create balance and well-being in your life and can be used for meditation, healing and personal development.


  • Lilith 1.0 is the previous version of Rosakvart's G-spot rod, but is still petite and feminine designed to follow the natural curve of the vagina. Its small size is especially good for women who suffer from vaginimus or involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor. With a pointed narrow end for massage and another slightly wider end for pleasure, it is perfect for beginners and for those who want to massage away fibroids or painful points at the beginning of the vagina.
  • Lilith 2.0 holds a high vibrating energy from black obsidian and is slightly longer, wider and has a deeper curve. It is designed for those women who want to stimulate and explore the depths of their pleasure and feminine sexuality. With its smooth surface and weight, it is incredibly comfortable to hold. Its S-bend and tongue-like shape gives an exterior that you can't help but fall in love with. You can use both ends to massage different points inside the vagina and specifically to heal and open up the G-spot.

Learn how to use the Lilith crystal dildo for Goddess point ecstasy in my 6-week online course for women, Vagina Wonderland , or watch the video Goddess point – an intimate guide to squirt orgasms on Helle's YouTube channel.

SIZE: Lilith 1.0:

  • L: 12 cm. W: 1.90 cm
Lilith 2.0:
  • L: 16 cm. W: 2 cm

* Each crystal dildo is completely unique in color, pattern, size and shape. Even from the same lot and cut from the same block of rock, the crystal can vary in pattern, tone, texture and color. Therefore, do not be surprised if your crystal dildo may differ from the pictures you see on this page.


  • Lilith 1.0 in either rose quartz, red jasper or rock crystal or Lilith 2.0 in black obsidian
  • A silk-lined velor bag to store and store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • Detailed instructions in brochure
  • A lot of love, sensual intent and erotic energy charged into the crystal just for you! We take great care to love the crystals and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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