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The Moonblood Pack

The Moonblood Pack

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This pack is one of the most important and supportive packs we have available at the Goddess Temple as it contains the essential parts for learning how to sanctify and honor your period.

Menstruation has long been hated and seen as a troublesome part of women's life, but with this menstrual positive pack we can guarantee that you can start looking forward to your period, maybe even love the bleeding. The menstrual period is a very important part of the cycle where a girl recharges, cleanses and regenerates. The period contains a great potential for going into oneself, getting new ideas and wisdom straight from one's womb.

The menstrual pack inspires you to take days 1 and 2 off of your period to create a space to simply do what your body calls for, namely bleeding.

The moon blood blanket makes you feel warm and safe to let go during your bleeding, whether you use it for free bleeding, to create peace of mind while you sleep or wrap it around you as a nice comfort blanket during your period. It will be your red tent where you can just do what you have to, namely bleed without thinking about messes and stains on sheets and mattress toppers and other people's expectations of you. You can simply be with all that you are: pain, bloating, blood, female ferocity. Starting to use a menstrual cup will be a big step towards getting to know your blood intimately.

With the menstrual cup, you can collect your blood and see and observe its color, texture, smell – and even taste! It is also a much more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons, because the cup can be used for up to 5 years if you take good care of it. Many women also experience a deeper understanding of their period and want to use their period in rituals, which the cup can help with. And then the cup is in a fun pink or rainbow color - all made of body-safe and environmentally friendly material.

This pack makes a great gift for yourself or for a girl who has just started her period.


  • A Moonblood rug in size 120 x 100 cm. (rectangular)
  • A menstrual cup in your preferred size, either x-small, medium-large or large. Also choose between the color transparent pink or rainbow
  • An eco bag to store your cup in
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