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Red Carnelian Yoni Egg

Red Carnelian Yoni Egg

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Red carnelian is a warm and strong stone that promotes passion, creativity, vitality, courage, and sexual energy. It is connected to the heart and sacral chakra and is therefore a love and fertility stone. It is known as a true "womb stone," connecting a woman to her yoni, purifying the blood and relieving menstrual cramps. With its red, orange, brown and white colors it is so beautiful to look at and creates associations with fire and heat. It therefore helps to boost your self-respect and confidence and encourages you to show the world who you are deep down. It provides renewed positive energy to make decisions and bring your innermost dreams to life.

When you use it as a yoni egg, you will bring love and romance into your vagina, activating your inner fire (sexual desire) while softening, healing and strengthening the pelvic floor for bigger and more explosive orgasms.

Each carnelian yoni egg is completely unique in color and pattern and can vary from orange, red, dark red, dark brown or cream or a mixture. Even from the same lot and cut from the same block of rock, the carnelian crystal can vary in pattern, tone, texture and color. Therefore, do not be surprised if your carnelian yoni egg differs from the pictures you see on this page.


  • Small size: 35mm x 25mm (recommended for advanced practitioners or women with a small vagina).
  • Medium size: 43mm x 30mm (recommended for everyone and beginners).
  • Large size: 50mm x 35mm (recommended for women who have had two or more vaginal births).
  • All three sizes - for those who want to work with different sizes, degrees of difficulty and fullness.

*Sizes may vary slightly as they are handmade and completely unique.


  • A real carnelian yoni egg, pierced at the thin end to allow you to insert a string for advanced exercises or easy removal A cloth bag to store your new carnelian egg
  • A guided Sex Magi ritual as an mp3 file that guides you through the use of your carnelian egg and sexual energy to manifest your innermost dreams
  • A lot of love, sensual intentions and erotic energy charged in your carnelian yoni egg just for you! We make a point of loving the eggs and charging them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even reaches you.

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