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Rose Quartz Amrita Crystal Dildo

Rose Quartz Amrita Crystal Dildo

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The rose quartz Amrita wand has a curved shape that follows the natural curve of the vagina and a rounded end for cervical and g-spot stimulation. The shape and size of the dildo is great for increasing blood flow and sensitivity in both the Goddess point and cervix, helping to open up deeper vaginal orgasms.

The name Amrita refers to the sacred nectar that comes from the sacred fountain of woman in a female ejaculation. The Amrita dildo can help to soften, open up and stimulate the g-zone, so you can experience the deep surrender of a squirting orgasm.

It's a really good crystal dildo to start your crystal dildo journey with because it's relatively small and not as wide and therefore less intimidating, and you can choose between using the thick pear-shaped end for g-spot stimulation or the slim end for vaginal massage and cervical stimulation.

Learn how to use the Amrita wand for Goddess point ecstasy in the online course for women, Vagina Wonderland , or watch the video Goddess point – an intimate guide to squirt orgasms on Helle's YouTube channel.


With its soft feminine energy, rose quartz will connect you with compassion, peace, healing, nourishment and forgiveness. With its beautiful pink color and feminine energy, it connects you to the heart chakra and unconditional love. Rose quartz is energetically a powerful healer for women who have had their hearts broken, have been exposed to trauma, abortions or have otherwise distanced themselves from sex and love due to trauma. Rose quartz is a loving way to connect yourself to your femininity, sensuality and sexuality.


  • L: 17 cm. W (at spherical end): 3.8 cm. x (at thin end) 2.2 cm.
Each rose quartz dildo is unique in color and pattern. Even from the same lot and cut from the same block of rock, rose quartz can vary in pattern, tone, texture and pink color – from darker, lighter, transparent to milky pink tones. Therefore, don't be surprised if your rose quartz crystal dildo differs from the pictures you see on this page. HERE IS WHAT YOU GET BY BUYING A ROSE QUARTZ AMRITA CRYSTAL DILDO FROM GUDINDEMPLET.DK:
  • A genuine rose quartz dildo
  • A silk-lined velor bag to store and store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • Detailed instructions in flyer
  • A video where you learn the basics
  • A 30 minute audio file with a guided yoni journey
  • A lot of love, sensual intent and erotic energy charged into the crystal just for you! We take great care to love the crystals and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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