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Sex Magic Guided Ritual

Sex Magic Guided Ritual

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In this audio file, you will be guided through an entire Sex magic ritual, where you use your sexual energy as fuel for your desires. What you do is you set your intention for your self-pleasure and imagine with all your senses that you already have it in physical form. As you touch yourself and activate some sexual energy, you allow yourself to feel into the energy of already having your desire. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste it, smell it. Live it! When you have an orgasm, that's when the manifestation process starts. Then you can imagine your manifestation being left to the universe out through the top of your head to the cosmos. Your orgasm and your sexual energy will enhance the manifestation. Then you let the energy flow back down your body and take root in the ground, where your desire will manifest itself in physical form. Then you just surrender to the fact that it is already manifested and that it will manifest in exactly the right timing.

Sex magic has traditionally been practiced during sex with a lover, but you can easily do it solo.

In this practice you will be guided in using a Nephrite Jade Egg as its crystal energy helps raise the vibrational energy during your ritual.

The yoni egg is traditionally a symbol of creation and fertility and therefore good to use for sex magic. In addition to using a jade egg, you can also use a yoni egg of Indian Jade or Red Carnelian, as these crystals increase creativity, abundance and fertility. You can also use a Rock Crystal Yoni Egg as it is a master healer and good for all kinds of manifestation. This practice is also found in The Magical Jade Egg online course, which you can access here .


I send you so much erotic love!

/ Helle

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