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Swan wand - White jade crystal dildo

Swan wand - White jade crystal dildo

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The Swan is a yoni rod with a long thin neck with a narrow end for vaginal massage and a wider egg-shaped grooved end for G-spot activation and pleasure. It is made of white jade and with its fine shape and white color it resembles a swan. The swan is known for its majestic grace and mysterious beauty. It is linked to a whole series of goddesses, e.g. Bridgid and Aphrodite, and as a symbol it stands for purity, beauty, transformation and Life & Death.

It is especially good for girls and women who have never had penetration sex and who prefer a smaller rod. Its narrow end is gentle and gentle and can especially be used for healing involuntary tension during vaginal opening as well as for vaginal massage. The thick egg-shaped end can be used to stimulate the vaginal opening and G-spot.

You simply hold the long thin end and place the egg-shaped swan end at the vaginal opening. From there you can breathe deeply with awareness of your yoni and imagine energy entering your vagina, cervix, uterus and making a connection all the way to the heart. On an exhalation you let go with the sound ahhh (which is the universal sound for the heart) and imagine old energy being carried out of your pussy. Only when you have a 100% yes from your body and a feeling of openness from your pussy, can you start inviting the rod in slowly and gently.

If you like to masturbate with a yoni egg, then this wand is for you. The thick egg-shaped end has three grooves that feel wonderful to stimulate the G(outside) spot with. Press up against the grooved G-spot area at the top of the vagina, 1-3 cm. inside and move it back and forth. It can even activate your cosmic wings and make you fly!


  • L: 18.6 cm. x 3.7cm (widest end) x 2.4cm (thinnest end)
  • A sexy white dildo for vagina massage & g-spot activation
  • Material of white jade crystal
  • A silk-lined velor bag to store and store your beautiful rod in
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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