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Tantric Goddess Yoni Egg Trio | PRE-ORDER September 25th

Tantric Goddess Yoni Egg Trio | PRE-ORDER September 25th

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This yoni egg set contains three of the most popular yoni eggs in three different sizes and three different crystals. The large one is in rose quartz, the medium one is in nephrite jade, and the small one is in black obsidian. A perfect combination for you who want to heal and release old energy and replace it with unconditional love and balance and activate and increase your sexual energy and orgasmic capacity.

We recommend that you start with the medium size, because it is both good as a beginner egg, but also good for everyone else. But if you have been through several vaginal childbirths, it is good to start with the large yoni egg and then move down to medium and small.

The small size is for you who want to be challenged in the egg exercises in relation to the degree of difficulty in being able to hold the egg inside the vagina with the pelvic floor muscles, but it is also the perfect size for you who have never had sex or have a petite vagina .

By using the yoni egg 30 min. for 4 hours a day or 1-3 times a week, you will strengthen, soften, tone, heal and open up the pelvic floor, leading to higher sex drive, wetness and greater orgasmic satisfaction.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz yoni egg is such a fine and feminine crystal that, like water, enters all crevices and hard surfaces and gives unconditional love to all the parts of you that need to be softened. It holds such a gentle, peaceful and healing energy that is so beautiful to work with for girls and women who have had their hearts broken, suffered trauma, abortions or otherwise distanced themselves from sex and love. By using the rose quartz yoni egg, you will give unconditional love to yourself and your yoni, and this in turn means that you approach your sexuality with much more gentleness, acceptance, care and observance.

Nephrite jade

Jade is energetically a good stone for healing sexual trauma and blockages related to sexuality. It is a good stone for opening the heart, so when you use it inside the vagina, the jade crystal will strengthen the connection between the heart and the abdomen and therefore support you in healing your connection between love and sex. Jade is a powerful yet loving and protective stone. It is nourishing, grounding and promotes self-love. Jade also helps you to increase and use your sexual womb energy to manifest passion, abundance, wealth and passion.

Black obsidian

Black Obsidian is a volcanic lava stone that is very powerful and dramatic in its energy and is used in deep emotional healing of the lower chakras. It protects and provides deep grounding and clarity and a strong intuition. When used as a yoni egg, it sucks all trauma, blockages and past sexual experiences out of the vagina, while it softens and strengthens the pelvic floor. It rejects negativity and all that is not beneficial and it makes you realize all your shadow sides. Black obsidian is truly one of the most powerful stones when it comes to healing, self-examination and clearing pent-up emotions. It puts you in touch with your inner wild woman and your deep insight into yourself. For beginners, black obsidian can be too violent in its energy. Therefore, use it carefully and only when you are ready to do deep healing.


  • Large Size Rose Quartz Yoni Egg (50mm x 35mm)
  • Nephrite Jade Egg Medium Size (45mm x 30mm)
  • Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Small Size (40mm x 25mm)
  • All three yoni eggs are pierced through the thin end so you can insert a string for advanced exercises or for easy removal
  • A cloth bag to store and store your new yoni eggs in
  • A video where I teach you the basics
  • A 40-minute guided-mp3 jade egg practice that includes walks you through warm-up exercises, insertion and isolating each section of your vagina
  • A cleansing ritual that, among other things, helps you to let go of past lovers or sexual experiences
  • A lot of love, sensual intent and erotic energy charged into your crystal just for you! We take great care to love the crystals and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.

If you have any questions, write to us here .

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