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Wooden dildo Amulet

Wooden dildo Amulet

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This wooden dildo amulet is a beautiful intimate work of art made of rosewood. It is a longer version of the original amulet. Perfect for women who are ready for deeper pleasure. The wooden dildo is naturally hand cut, cut and polished by a loving couple from Poland. The original amulet has a really sweet and magical story behind it, which you can read about here . In short, the original wooden dildo was created by Piotr as a declaration of love to his girlfriend Sylwia, and together they opened deeper pleasure and love. The wooden dildo is therefore called an amulet because it is truly made with love and dedicated to pleasure. It is warm and comfortable to use, and you get a nice skin-to-skin feeling with the wood.

Rosewood is a feminine wood used primarily in healing, spiritual development, beauty and love spells. It possesses a motherly, nurturing energy that enhances female beauty and feminine grace. Increases intuition and is an excellent spiritual healer. A good alternative to crystal, glass or metal dildos.

It is perfect for those who want natural enjoyment, closer contact with nature, the wisdom of trees and yourself.


  • L: 20 cm. Diameter: 3 cm.


  • A real rosewood dildo
  • A cotton bag to store and hide your beautiful wooden dildo in
  • A letter with basic care information
  • An invitation to join Helle's private Facebook group for sensual women
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