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Yoni massage guided practice

Yoni massage guided practice

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This audio file guides you in using the Calypso Cervix wand in a 1-hour yoni massage and de-armouring practice that will help you release tension and open up pleasure and more sensitivity in, among other things, the G-spot and cervix.

Feel free to create a warm and safe space for your practice. Lock the door and light candles. Arrange soft pillows and blankets. You can use the Calypso Cervix staff of the Goddess Temple, but the De-armouring staff can also be used. Take 1 hour out of your day once a week to take care of your pelvis with a vagina massage.

The practice helps to both prevent and heal vaginal tension, release emotional blockages and increase blood flow to the area, resulting in increased sensitivity, pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction. If you suffer from dryness or low libido, vaginismus or similar, then it will be really beneficial.

Feel free to pamper yourself and make the experience even more delicious by using it well with Pussy Butter.


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